Femme-Con documentary

Femme-Con is a documentary about female cosplayers. The goal of this documentary is to show the hard work and the passion in the cosplay world and explore the phenomenon of cosplay from the female perspective. Femme-Con asks a good question about cosplay : why women do it and choose the characters they do ?

Femme-Con documentary

According the authors:

Femme-Con is a feature length documentary exhibiting female cosplayers, their passion, and dedication for the industry.

The documentary has the same goal of the Cosplay is not Consent movement. It’s very good for the health of cosplay to see this kind of projects! 🙂

We believe that women are a strong, driving force behind the success of conventions where cosplay is a prominent facet. However, sadly, these women are not garnishing the recognition or the respect that they deserve.

You can pledge on Kickstarter until Sat, May 3.

Like “Cosplay is not Consent”, this documentary is an excellent initiative! Keep it up!

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eliparker/femme-con

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